10 Places to Sell Used Baby Clothes for Cash

by Jerry JuaReselling
Jul 27, 2020

Babies grow fast. In fact, in just one month, you can expect your little one to grow taller by about 0.5 to 1 inch and gain weight of about 6 ounces every month within just one year after birth.

And the sad part is that infants wear clothes only twice before outgrowing them.

Think of all the beautiful baby clothes you were gifted by friends and family members, or the tons of gorgeous baby outfits you bought when you were nearing childbirth; where do you take them?

Sure, you can donate them or gift them to friends and family, but what if you could trade them for money?

The good thing is that you can sell used baby clothes online or in consignment shops. 

In case you’re wondering how to sell used kids’ clothes or who will buy them, this article will teach you several methods to do exactly that. Keep reading to find out more.

Where to Sell Used Baby Clothes for Cash

You can sell gently used baby clothes for cash in various marketplaces such as Kid to Kid, Kidizen, Sheepbuy, Facebook, thredUP, My Kid’s Threads, Once Upon a Child, Schoola, Poshmark, and Josie’s Friends.

Just make sure the clothes are clean and price them correctly. Also, don’t forget to correctly time when to sell – different types of baby clothes sell at different prices in different seasons.

Places to Sell Used Baby Clothes

1. Kid to Kid

One of the best ways to clean out your baby’s closet and make money is by selling baby clothes to consignment shops. Consignment shops are places you can sell clothes either in-person or online.

Kid to Kid is one of the best websites to sell baby clothes for cash. Here, you will be required to put all your used baby clothes together making sure they are in sellable condition, then take them to one of their local stores and get paid.

The good thing about consignment shops is that you are offered two ways of selling used baby clothes: upfront payments or profit-sharing.

With upfront payments, you are paid for your clothes immediately you drop them to one of their stores.

Upon delivering the clothes, the staff will assess the condition of the clothes then offer a price. You can also negotiate the price. 

The other option to sell your used infant clothes is profit sharing.

In this method, you take the clothes to a store, which does all the marketing and promotion work, then you share the profit.

In this option, you will not get paid until your items are sold.

Kid to Kid also has a section on their website where you can learn tips to maximize your earning potential.

You can also sell other things like baby gear, toys, and many others items on Kid to Kid.

Pros:  Easy to shop on the website, and prices are reasonable. Marketing is available through the profit-sharing option.

Cons:  The Kid to Kid stores are franchised own, and the availability of one these stores for your consignment pieces is spotty. There is not much value for your clothes if you are trying to consign them.

2. Kidizen

Kidizen is much like a social platform and it is a good place to sell used baby clothes online for cash. The platform is easy to use and creating an online account is fast.

First, you create an account the same way you do when signing up an account on other social media platforms. Once your account is ready, click the “SELL” button and start listing your baby clothes.

Before creating an online account with Kidizen, it’s good to take beautiful photos of the used baby clothes. Uploading the photos is also easy but make sure you include a good description of your items, including the category, size, gender, and any required information.

The platform lets you choose your selling price as well. Just make sure you add shipping costs.

The good thing is that the platform can suggest pricing for you so you price your clothes well.

Pros:  Easy to use platform plus you can set your prices. You’re able to print your shipping label, and there is an option to sell Mom’s clothes. Good prices on items for sale.

Cons:  The service charges a marketplace fee of 12 percent, plus 50 cents for each transaction. Sellers are responsible for covering the shipping costs.

3. Sheepbuy

You can sell your used baby clothes on Sheepbuy in any form of condition.

The good thing about this website is that you can list up to three items for free. You don’t pay any fee if your used baby items don’t sell.

The best part is when your items sell there are never any selling or hidden fees.

All transactions are strictly between buyers and sellers. All purchases are safe and secure via paypal. For more information on buyer protection by paypal click here.

Sheepbuy only caters to verified sellers as an added protection to buyers.

Thus sheepbuy sellers must have their paypal account verified. Meaning their phone, email and bank account must be verified inorder to link their account onto Sheepbuy.

As in any other marketplace make your items title, description and pictures as best can be to attract more view and sell more.

Pros: Users can sell up to three items for free. There are no selling fees. If you want to sell more than three items, paid plans are very economical. Posting items is a breeze. Buyers can rate sellers based on transaction.

Cons: Being in beta may lack some functionality that other marketplaces charge premium price for.

4. Facebook

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of creating a listing for your items, then Facebook would make the best marketplace for your second-hand baby clothes.

With close to 2.60 billion monthly active users, Facebook is undoubtedly a great platform for almost anything, including selling used baby clothes online for money.

What you have to do to start selling is to take great pictures of your used baby clothes, create your Facebook account – which takes around 2 minutes – then start selling.

You can sell clothes in groups or on the marketplace. 

Once you have created a Facebook account, make sure you search for local groups where you can promote your baby clothes.

Note that Facebook Groups have terms you need to read and adhere to, otherwise, you will be kicked out if you go against the rules.

Pros: There is no fee for posting. Majority of items sold are locally, serves as a classified listing. Buyers and sellers can rate their interactions with each other using a simple rating system.

Cons:  It can take up to two days for Facebook to review your listing. They won’t allow things to be sold if they are animal or soldier related. Even if toys like a toy horse or GI Joe. A lot of calls or messages for your items but they take time to sell.

5. thredUP

thredUP claims to be one of the largest consignment stores where you can sell almost everything from women’s & children’s apparel to shoes and accessories, etc.

So, if you have adult clothes heaped in your closet, this is a great marketplace to sell them for cash.

The good thing about threadUP is that they buy from 35,000+ name brand items; chances are that you’re selling exactly what they are looking to buy.

To sell on thredUP, you first request a bag, then choose clothes you want to sell and put them in the bag for mailing. The bag is free and mailing is also free.

thredUP prefers newer second-hand clothes or those that have never been worn at all.

You can use their ‘Clothing Calculator’ to determine the price of your baby clothes.

If your the clothes don’t sell, you can choose to donate them.

thredUP buys your clothes and you can choose to get the money either in cash or as store credit. Another incredible thing is that their super-user-friendly app lets you do the selling from your phone.

Pros:  Sending items back is a natural process.

Cons:  They only accept an average of 40% of the clothing. So the odds of actually making money on a piece of clothing is 4 in 10.

6. My Kid’s Threads

My Kid’s Threads is also another great online consignment store where you can sell gently used baby gear for cash.

You can check how to sell baby clothes under their “How it Works” section.

To start selling on My Kid’s Threads, you first get a free mailer bag from them. The bag will be shipped to you via the address you provide.

Once you get the bag, clean your baby clothes, iron them and pack them in a bag, then drop the package off to the nearest UPS store.

As a rule, you need to pack clothes from brands they accept – they will tell you in advance.

The best part about selling second-hand baby outfits on My Kid’s Threads is that shipping is free.

Pros:  Great selection and shipping is free. 5 to 80 percent of the anticipated selling price. (The more valuable the item, the higher your percentage.) ThredUp commission: 20 to 95 percent of the selling price.

Cons:  They are limited to the brands. Any unaccepted items (the things thredUP wouldn’t be able to sell on-site) are shipped back to you (for $10.99).

7. Once Upon a Child

If you’re looking to sell used baby clothes in-person, then Once Upon a Child is a great consignment shop for you.

On their website, they claim to be the largest national franchise specializing in reselling gently used kids’ clothing.

You will need to bring your items to the shop but before you do that, check what clothing brands they accept on their website.

Aside from used baby clothes, you can also sell toys, footwear, furniture, and other baby gear as long as your items are gently used. You can expect to get 30 to 50% of the price of the item sold.

From our research, we found that Once Upon a Child has physical stores worldwide; and the best part is that you get paid immediately your items are assessed and found to be gently used.

Pros:  Organized stores. They sell other children’s items, including furniture.

Cons:  Expect to receive roughly 10 to 15% of the retail price of items sold. You have to bring your items to one of their stores. The clothes have to be in season.

8. Schoola

On Schoola, you can choose to sell used baby clothes or donate them to an online cause.

In fact, Shoola was founded by a mom, who is also an ex-teacher, with the mission of supporting needy schools with basic supplies.

Once your items are sold, a percentage goes to charity. In fact, Schoola donations have helped close to 30,000 beneficiaries already.

On Schoola, you can sell both kids’, juniors’, and women’s clothes.

Pros:  Schoola donates a percentage to charities. You can donate items from your favorite school. Every bag you donate can fund a year of drama instruction for three kids.

Cons:  The most common issues with Schoola are around shipping times, which tend to take longer than expected by some customers.

9. Poshmark

Poshmark has a ton of incredible collections of kids’ clothing.

Just take great photos of used baby clothes then upload them onto the platform.

Poshmark gives their resellers pre-paid labels and once your clothes are sold, the cash is deposited to your account.

Shipping costs are catered for by the buyer.

Pros:  It only takes a few clicks to process an order and a shipping label. They sell items for men, women, and the home.

Cons:  Many negative reviews. Hard to get through to customer service. Fake items being sold, and some things are knockoffs from other countries.

10. Josie’s Friends

If you sell via Josie’s Friends, you get 50% of the sale price, and you are provided with shipping bags made with 100% recycled materials – you will need to request the bags when you want to sell your items on their platform.

The platform buys gently used baby clothes and you can check the types of clothes and brands they accept on their website before you request the shipping bag.

On Josie’s Friends, payment is done via PayPal and it can take around 15 to 30 days before you get it.

Pros:  Easy shopping and ordering.

Cons:  Long delivery time.

Final Word

Before you start selling, make sure you describe your items properly, take attractive pictures of them, package them properly, consider the season, then research the price to know how to sell your items correctly.

Choose your preferred marketplace and start selling those gently used baby clothes for cash now. 

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