Finding an ebay alternative, The Top 21 sites like ebay
E-commerce - 27 MIN READ

Finding an eBay Alternative: The Top 21 Sites Like eBay

It seems daunting, but it’s possible to find incredible eBay alternatives depending on your needs. And even though eBay is the yardstick here, newer, probably better, and astute online marketplaces are emerging daily.  Not only to re-imagine online trade but also to address eBay’s unsavory bits (high fees and changed policies).  So, instead of being […]

Jacob Statler Jan 25, 2021
Online Arbitrage for Beginners Step-by-Step Guide.
E-commerce - 28 MIN READ

Online Arbitrage for Beginners (Step-by-Step Guide)

What is Online Arbitrage?  Online arbitrage simply refers to buying items at a lower cost from online sources and selling them online. It is a way of generating cash that does not restrict you to brick-and-mortar stores. You can carry out the full transaction of sourcing for products and selling them right from your living […]

Jerry Jua Jan 20, 2021
17 Type of Arbitrage Strategies to Turn a Profit
Making Money - 16 MIN READ

17 Types of Arbitrage Strategies to Turn a Profit

Markets are rarely perfect, hence there’ll always be price discrepancies on almost all types of commodities. Be it basic goods, assets, or even properties. These inefficiencies point to tons of possibilities, such as numerous arbitrage techniques that can yield significant returns. How then can you spot these arbitrage trading strategies? By being curious. Keenly observe […]

Jerry Jua Dec 23, 2020
Is Retail Arbitrage Legal
Making Money - 6 MIN READ

Is Retail Arbitrage Legal?

Retail Arbitrage is a common practice among people looking to increase their revenue streams. It involves buying items from retailers on location and reselling them for gain. Usually, resellers purchase them cheaply during clearance sales. They buy in large quantities from retailers (and not wholesalers) like Walmart for resale. This leads to such inquiries as, […]

Jerry Jua Dec 23, 2020
How to turn textbook arbritrage into a business for profit
Making Money - 7 MIN READ

How to Turn Textbook Arbitrage into a Business for Profit

If well structured, the bookselling business can prove to be extremely profitable. Textbook arbitrage especially is quite lucrative if you know where to source in-demand quality books at the lowest prices. Sounds too good to be true? Of course, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. To make money selling textbooks, you’ll need to deeply master […]

Jerry Jua Dec 23, 2020
How can you tell if a book is First edition
Making Money - 9 MIN READ

How Can You Tell if a Book is a First Edition?

In case you’re wondering how to tell a first edition book, it’s not easy. But there are certain clear-cut factors to aid you along. Consider the printing date, the number line, and certain identifiers set by different publishers. Thing is, each publisher has set identifiers to distinguish its edition one books, though they change quite […]

Jerry Jua Dec 23, 2020
What to do with your finishsed jigsaw puzzles
Making Money - 7 MIN READ

What to Do With Your Jigsaw Puzzle When Finished?

Making jigsaw puzzles by interlocking the oddly shaped pieces is a creative way of exercising brainpower. But what to do when you’ve completed your masterpiece? The first thing to do with a finished jigsaw puzzle is taking a picture with it. It’s worth your time in remembering the efforts it took to solve that puzzle. […]

Jerry Jua Dec 23, 2020
How To Sell Used Computer Parts A Selle's Guide
Reselling - 16 MIN READ

How to Sell Used Computer Parts: A Seller’s Guide

There are a number of reasons why you would want to sell computer parts. Perhaps you have a bunch of used machines, but some components are faulty. It would be easier to dismantle them and sell the working parts.   Whatever the case, selling PC parts requires more of your time and energy because you’re dealing […]

Jerry Jua Dec 23, 2020
When is a computer outdated
Buying - 6 MIN READ

When Is A Computer Outdated?

Computers are a necessity in our daily lives. We expect them to function efficiently and serve us at peak performance. Therefore, you may ask yourself, “When is a computer outdated?”  Though being outdated does not equate to less power, it does infer that it cannot match the current standards. When your device starts aging, you’ll […]

Jerry Jua Dec 23, 2020
What To Do With Old SIM Cards Caution
Tutorials - 6 MIN READ

What to Do With Old SIM Cards (CAUTION)

When you purchase a new SIM card, your first thought will probably be on what to do with old SIM cards or perhaps to get rid of it and move on. Unfortunately, haphazard disposal could have terrible consequences should it fall into the wrong hands. You risk losing your identity, valuable data, or worse, it […]

Jerry Jua Dec 23, 2020
What Makes A Computer Fast
Tutorials - 8 MIN READ

What Makes a Computer Fast?

Whether for browsing, designing, or gaming, a computer that runs smoothly is convenient and essential for your specific needs. This brings us to the question, “What makes a computer fast?” Different components in a computer play different roles to make it fast. After conducting thorough research, we have put together this article to answer the […]

Jerry Jua Dec 23, 2020