Need Some Help


What makes Sheepbuy different than the leading competition?

Sheepbuy differs from the competition by letting you sell directly to buyers with no hidden fees.

No hidden fees for buyers and sellers, where’s the catch?

The site does not charge for posting or selling items, the website only charges a monthly fixed fee per seller.

If I’m a buyer do I have to register ?

Yes, you have to be registered in order to purchase, that way you can track how many items you have purchased and be able to leave feedback.

What are the benefits of selling through the site?

Each seller would be able to post as many items as he would like, whatever the seller sells the earnings go directly to him.

As a seller what forms of payment can I use and can I accept?

Sellers will only be able to use paypal and will be able to accept credit cards or any other form of payment that paypal offers.

Why not use a classified site its cheaper and free compared to Sheepbuy?

Classified sites don’t let you purchase directly from the seller and you can’t rate the transaction.