ZIIP Beauty Device


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ZIIP Beauty Device

Condition:Like New see below

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Location:Springfield, Missouri

Returns: No Return. Product is in perfe...... see below


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This is an almost new ZIIP, that I received on March 27, 2021. I have used the device only 4 times.

The ZIIP device is FDA cleared for facial stimulation and is indicated for over-the-counter cosmetic use.

ZIIP utilizes nanocurrent and microcurrent to deliver skin that gets better every time you use it. Using the ZIIP App and our sophisticated waveform combinations, you choose the results you want for your skin on any given day.

Designed to:

  • Lift + sculpt facial contours
  • Increase brightness + glow
  • Define the jawline
  • Make face and eyes look more awake

It comes in a box with:

  • ZIIP GX device
  • 80ml Golden Gel pump bottle- (Used only 4 times)
  • 1 charging USB cable
  • 1 padded travel bag
  • 1 cleaning cloth
  • User Guide


Using the ZIIP App, you can choose from a variety of electrical treatments, with instructional how-to videos that make it easy to follow along.

The results are long-lasting, and even the most sensitive skin types can tolerate and respond well to nanocurrent’s intelligent energy.

Jennifer Aniston is a devout fan of the ZIIP device, created by her facialist Melanie Simon. Aniston showed off her newfound Instagram prowess following the Golden Globes, revealing via a tag on the social media site that her glam team used the ZIIP device on her visage before she hit the red carpet at the awards show.

For those who can’t visit Simon for her renowned services, the ZIIP is the celebrity-approved way to get an “electrical facial” at home by utilizing nanocurrents and microcurrents to communicate with skin cells and result in a lifted, healthy glow.

Aniston is not the only high profile fan of the gadget, either. Among ZIIP’s other hype women are fellow Friends alum Courteney Cox, Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Williams, Margot Robbie and beauty mogul Huda Kattan (who once wrote that the device gives her “cheekbones in four minutes!”)

But, what does a nanocurrent device actually do, in layman’s terms?  Simon explained to In The Know that she created the device alongside electrical engineers, scientists, medical doctors and researchers, to boost radiance, stimulate lymphatic drainage, speed up cellular repair and kill bacteria.

This means the ZIIP can help users target multiple skin concerns such as aging skin, dark circles under the eyes, acne and pigmentation by infusing the skin with electrical waveforms.

Think of it like Pilates for the face, Simon continued, with your complexion left toned and contoured after use.

“We are not just stimulating muscles to see an instant improvement only to leave you dissatisfied five hours later,” she explained. “ZIIP is about boosting collagen and the elastic nature of skin, along with creating a clear bright texture.”

Vogue calls it the “holy grail of treatments”.   ZIIP, the first-of-its-kind at-home nanocurrent tool, syncs with an app that allows users to access different electrical combinations designed by Simon to lift, tone, and sculpt the face.

It looks like a futuristic computer mouse and it fits in the palm of your hand and you roll it around (so to speak) all over your face and neck and it’s touted as the ‘facial of the future’.

ZIIP is a handheld electrical skincare device. The technology behind ZIIP is groundbreaking: tiny, energetic currents are pushed into the skin through positively and negatively charged discs located on the bottom of the ZIIP. So for example, envision a battery where there is a positive and a negative end. The energy runs between the two polarizing ends and into whatever it’s in contact with giving it life; in this case, the skin. When used regularly, the ZIIP will help leave skin revived, refreshed and lifted.

It’s basically an electrical facial in the palm of your hand. The device uses nanocurrents and microcurrents to communicate with your skin cells, increasing their effectiveness, prompting them to heal, and encouraging them to make an abundance of collagen and elastin. The result is healthy, lifted, glowing skin that gets better over time.

There’s an app that you download and Melanie walks you through everything you need to know and you can choose from a variety of treatments that best meet your needs: pigment, acne, puffiness…there’s nine treatments to pick from (ranging from 2 minutes – 12 (whatever you have time for) and all you have to do is load up the app on your phone, pick the treatment and it syncs your device so you’re ready to roll!

If the treatment is four minutes long, then the video will mimic the treatment verbatim stroke by stroke. Melanie will start with the basics such as turning on the device and go on to provide expert tips during her demonstration to allow for optimal results. The goal of ZIIP is to not only provide a timeless, cutting edge device for consumers to use at home or on the go, but to also offer top-notch support so that the ZIIP

Featured in Allure, Glamour, Brides, InStyle and Elle.


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