Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Sheepbuy different than the leading competition?
Sheepbuy differs from the competition by letting you sell directly to buyers with no hidden fees.
No hidden fees for buyers and sellers, where’s the catch?
There is no catch! Sheepbuy does not charge for posting or selling items. It's that simple!
How much does it cost to sell on Sheepbuy?
Basic Package:
      - Free, sell up to three items at any given time per month.

Starter Package
      - For $2.99 per month, sellers can post up to 25 items at any given time in a month.
      - Each item can have up to three of inventory each.

Plus Package
      - For $12.99 a month, sellers can post up to 150 items at any given time during the month.
      - Each item can have up to five of inventory each.
Do I have to register to buy?
Yes you must be registered to buy items on Sheepbuy. Make sure you confirm your email.
I have already registered, how can I start selling?
Once you are registered as a buyer you can become a seller by choosing any of our selling tiers.
What are the benefits of selling through Sheepbuy Marketplace?
- Your listings are open to buyers all across the United States.
- Receive funds instantly into your PayPal Account.
- No long term commitments, plans are month to month, cancel anytime.
- Safe and Secure.
- Sell for free with the basic plan.
As a seller what forms of payments can I use and accept?
Sellers will only be able to use PayPal and will be able to accept credit cards or any other form of payment that PayPal offers.
What makes Sheepbuy different than the leading competition?
When selling on our Marketplace you get to keep all your earnings. We don't take any cut from your sales: no hidden costs or fees.
I'm not from the United State, can I use SheepBuy?
We appreciate your interest in our website. At the moment, SheepBuy is only available for the United States market.

However, an international seller may be able to sell on Sheepbuy if the following conditions are met:
      - The seller has a U.S. PayPal Account.
      - Item location is within the United States.
Does Sheepbuy offer protection on purchases?
At the moment, and due to the nature of buyer and seller transacting directly, SheepBuy does not offer any protection on purchases.

As of now, the only protection provided is by PayPal.

For further information on what is and is not protected, please read PayPal Purchase Protection
How can I avoid getting swindled on Sheepbuy?
We have received word from current sellers letting us know that so called 'interested buyers' want to purchase their items outside SheepBuy. This is one of the most common ways used by online scammers to steal money or information from unsuspecting victims.

There are no fees for using Sheepbuy; thus, we strongly recommend not selling outside due to safety reasons and avoid getting scammed.

We advise you to never give your private information like credit card or any other sensitive data to anyone outside SheepBuy.

If you are a buyer, make sure the item you are purchasing is covered through the PayPal Purchase Protection as purchases are strictly between buyer and seller.