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Sheepbuy is the best way to sell online! Sheepbuy is the most affordable way for you to sell your stuff online. You can sell clothes, sell electronics, sell cars, sell baby clothes, sell equipment, sell power tools; YOU can sell anything!

What Benefits do I get for signing up on SheepBuy? 

    - You pay NO posting fees
    - You pay NO selling fees  
    - You sell directly to buyers with no middleman
    - Best part is you get your money right away through paypal

How much does SheepBuy charge for selling?

- Only a Low Monthly $10 fee

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Many of the selling sites on the internet make you pay a commission fee each time you sell a product, that cuts into your budget and in turn makes for higher prices on items that you buy and sell in order to cover that cost. Why should we pay hundreds of dollars each month in commissions in order to sell products?

Sheepbuy is the answer to selling products online. Instead of charging you high commission rates on everything you sell, we charge only a $10 per month membership fee. Your membership allows you to sell unlimited items through Sheepbuy and you keep the profit!

Sheepbuy was created to allow everyone to sell anything at a reasonable price!  $10 a month to sell as many items as you want! Sell your old jewelry, sell clothes that no longer fit, sell all the things that you want!

Whether its brand new or used, you can sell your items on Sheepbuy!

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