Fascinations Deluxe Jellyfish Aquarium
Jellyfish Aquarium

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Laredo, TX
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Fascinations Deluxe Jellyfish Aquarium Includes 7 jellyfish Includes 12 color changing LED lights Has 5 color lighting effects Auto-off function after 4 hours his beautiful center piece brings a soothing ambiance to any home or office.

For those who appreciate the beauty of aquarium but worry about all the hassle involved with periodic cleaning and maintenance then this product is for you. No maintenance required. Product Description.

All of the exotic beauty of a saltwater aquarium with none of the hassle Maintenance free A beautiful centerpiece for your home or office 7 artificial jellyfish made of a special polymer swim as if alive Tank features 12 color changing LED lights plus 5 color lighting effects Auto-off after 4 hours Weighs 13 lbs. when full with water Powered by any AC outlet with a special low-voltage adaptor.

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