Door Stopper
Door Stopper

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Laredo, TX
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Door Stopper comes complete with all necessary hardware to effectively secure any door in your home against specialized burglar tools and invasive jackboots alike Attractive polished brass finish makes the Door Club an attractive accessory to your door, enhancing the beauty of your home!

Also essential for apartments, condos, hotels, dorm rooms - any entry door Includes Door Lock, floor insert, door caddy, door kickplate, subfloor plate, adhesive, round head screws, security screws Requires - power drill & Phillips screwdriver The Door Club is an unusually effective, police-recommended home security device.

One of the strongest anti-intruder systems available, the Door Club is far superior to chain locks and deadbolts. Once installed, the Door Club easily resists over two tons of direct force, teaching unexpected visitors that it is not just impolite, but futile, to drop by without an invitation!

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