Apple iMac Desktop 15
Apple iMac Desktop 15

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Apple iMac Desktop 15 Unlike most desktop computer manufacturers, Apple likes to keep its lineup refreshingly simple. Even its most revolutionary computer of recent years, the iMac, exists currently in only two separate iterations.

This model, the iMac Desktop 15" M9105LL/A, offers the same sleek, space-efficient design and strong esthetic appeal of its more capable sibling, the iMac Desktop 17" M8935LL/A, but with a little less power and a more friendly price point.Driven by a powerful 800 MHz PowerPC G4 CPU and 256 MB SDRAM memory (expandable to one full GB), the iMac Desktop 15" M9105LL/A is ready to handle most any standard computer task.

To ensure the machine doesn't bog down during most graphically intensive operations, Apple has included an nVidia GeForce4 MX graphics processor with 32 MB DDR video memory. Those who work primarily with complex 3D applications may want to look at this system's bigger brother, which includes, among other upgrades, a 64 MB graphics card and a 1 GHz PowerPC processor.

The iMac Desktop 15" M9105LL/A's miniature, dome-shaped housing (10.6-inch footprint) usurps very little desktop space, and its 15-inch flat-screen LCD viewing screen looks great on top of its swiveling, extendable neck. The system is equipped with an adequate 60 GB hard drive and a combination DVD-ROM/CD-RW drive through which you can backup files, burn and enjoy audio CDs, and watch the latest movies.

Apple has added two ultra-high speed FireWire 400 ports for fast interaction with external devices such as video camcorders, five traditional USB 1.1 ports for peripherals such as digital cameras and joysticks, an integrated speaker, headphone jack, and built-in microphone.Connectivity options include an integrated 10/100BASE-T Ethernet port, a 56K modem, and wireless support (with the addition of an Apple AirPort card).

An Apple Pro Mouse and Apple Pro keyboard complete the hardware picture. The iMac Desktop 15" M9105LL/A is bundled with Apple's next-generation operating system, Mac OS X v.10.2 Jaguar, and Mac OS 9.


- FIBM PowerPC G4 Processor 800MHz


- 60GB 7200RPM Hard Drive 15-Inch Screen, GeForce

- Mac OS X 10.2.

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